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Windows7 + Ubuntu = success story
« on: August 12, 2010, 01:24:19 am »
I have installed Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop, it is my main operating system. I have 4 additional partition for data storage. I wish to encrypt Windows and these data partitions with password an key-file. In attachment you find screen-shot showing my HDD configuration.

I have a free space for Ubuntu, I haven't installed it jet.

I wish to set this like this:
  • At boot no password prompt.
  • No asterisk when typing the password.
  • If some on enters the proper password and provides key-file on USB/MMC Windows will be loaded and all data partition will be auto mounted.
  • If someone enters wrong password or does not provide password at all. Ubuntu will be loaded. (only Linux partition will be unencrypted)

How to do that? I've decrypted all partitions today. What order of installation will be correct?

Windows7 - Ubuntu - DCencryption
Windows7 - DCencryption - Ubuntu

Where keep MBR? On USB-stick or leave it on HDD? When i install Ubuntu - then GRUB will replace Windows7 boot loader.

UPD. Of course MBR must be on HDD if I wish to boot Ubutnu without USB stick. This leads me to conclusion:
Windows + Ubuntu + Encrypting Disks
I'm correct?

UPD2 Yap, it's working. Order of installation:
  • Windows --> DiskCryptor --> Encrypt BitLocker portion and Windows partition.
  • Set boot form specific partition, select BitLocker (100MB partition*).
  • Backup MBR on USBstick, select BootFromFirstPartion!!! - try it before you begin Ubuntu installation.
  • Backup Disk Headers!!!
  • Install Ubuntu, in installer create partitions, remember main Linux portion number (write it down).
  • In next step install GRUB in to the main Linux partition not in MBR!!!
  • Reboot, run Ubuntu in Live mode from CD.
  • Find Ubuntu disk manager, set main Linux partition as BOOT.
  • Restart, type proper password for Windows, open DC, in settings, invalid password - invalid password action - boot from active partition, mark in Use incorect action if no password entered. Set authentication time-out.
  • Delete any text prompt form Invalid Password message and Authentication message, hide entered password.
  • Save settings!

Try it!

No password, wrong password, timeout - Ubuntu (Ubuntu se other partion but is not capable to recognize file system on encrypted partions.
Proper password in timelimit - windows

If some thing go wrong, use USB-Stick to boot Windows
Use pen drive with COPY or MBR --- boot from firs

*Only in Windows7 Ultimate/Corpoate
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Re: Windows7 + Ubuntu = success story
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2011, 12:23:46 am »
if i use win7 x64 and ubuntu 11.04 desktop, wich way should i go? thank's