Author Topic: DiskCryptor Video Tutorials (System Encryption & Create encrypted CD/DVD's)  (Read 4084 times)


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I find these video's in the inet. This guys did a very good job, I think!

DiskCryptor Easy Windows System Drive Encryption Tutorial (Truecrypt Alternative) [by TutsTeach]
In this tutorial I show you how to install DiskCryptor and easily encrypt your windows system drive to protect your desktop or laptop running Microsoft Windows.

DiskCryptor How to easily encrypt CD & DVD discs and mount them quickly [by TutsTeach]
In this tutorial I show you how you can easily create encrypted CD or DVD's that you can use to backup your files securely and how easy it is to get access to them later. Please like & subscribe if you found this useful.

This Video shows you how easily it is to encrypt a USB thumb drive [by Mirko_Rolfes]