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      <p ns="0" title="RNG" snippet="...dom numbers. The mixing operation has a characteristic of being one-sided, &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; that, knowing a state of the pool after a mixing, it is impossible to resto&#10;...e high enough to intercept keyboard presses, then encryption loses all its &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt;.&#10;" size="20559" wordcount="3225" timestamp="2015-12-12T09:19:56Z" />
      <p ns="0" title="CryptoUsageRisks" snippet=" access regime. It is advisable for the access control to be duplicated, &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt;, that the use of both mechanical and electrical locks at the same time, sho&#10;" size="14473" wordcount="2368" timestamp="2015-12-12T08:57:38Z" />