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While encrypting System partition it is strongly recommended to:


All versions
Version Type Size (KB) SHA-1 checksums PGP Signature
installer 978 98f4e14d9378ff50ab882ad37263465fa0cf8d31 [1]
source code 1434 5e925845f69fb3fa37379fb2520032677c2e0985 [2]
WinPE plugin 824 cee273b2ecbf801512e151fa98d6f2cdd4ad4909 [3]


To install the program:

  1. Download installer or .zip package
  2. Run
    • dcrypt_setup.exe (installer) or
    • dcrypt.exe or dccon -install console command (archive)
  3. You would be prompted to install DiskCryptor's driver and Reboot your system.

After the reboot you can start to use the program.

The update of the program to a newer version could be performed in the same way (dccon -update console command).


To completely remove the program:

  1. Use
    • Uninstaller,
    • Program menu or
    • Run console command dccon -remove
Please note, that if your system partition is encrypted it is required to decrypt it first in order to uninstall the driver.
  1. Delete all program files
  2. Reboot your system

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